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Roma Gill, the series editor, has taught Shakespeare at all levels.

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Our well established and popular series which helps all your students to understand and enjoy Shakespeare's plays, has been improved even further. Revised students' notes are clearer, with detailed explanations of difficult words and passages, plot synopses, summaries of individual scenes, and notes on the main characters. This edition features a host of new photographs of stage productions as well as a newly and attractively designed cover. It offers high school students everything they need to comprehend and enjoy one of Shakespeare's liveliest and most entertaining plays.

Program: The Taming of the Shrew | Play On Shakespeare

She has acted in and directed Shakespeare's plays, and has lectured on Shakespeare all over the world. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New.

The Taming of the Shrew

More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Oxford University Press, Never used!. No one ever takes poor Grumio seriously! Yet another hilarious encounter between Petruchio and Katherine. They are constantly going at each other, and yet it more often than not seems to come out as some entertaining dialogue. Petruchio disagrees with practically everything that Kate says in an attempt to tame her, but we are definitely team Kate.

Her insults and comebacks are the best!

Taming of the Shrew By Ottawa Township Hight School

Lucentio and Tranio are still looking for an old man to assume the role of Lucentio's father so the imposter-father can vouch for the financial solvency of imposter-Lucentio. Tranio, still masquerading as Lucentio, convinces the old man, a Mantuan schoolteacher, that his life is in peril if he is found in Padua because of a supposed war between the Duke of Padua and the Duke of Mantua.

Play Details

Tranio tells the old man that he may disguise himself as Vincentio of Pisa and thereby avoid risking his life. In return, the old man need only confirm the dower he offered Baptista for marrying Bianca.

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Act IV, Scene 2 returns us to Padua and the play's subplot. The scene, generally comic in nature, accomplishes two major things.

First, it removes Hortensio from the love triangle and helps set up the marriage triad which is so crucial to Act V, Scene 2. Next, Lucentio and Tranio find an old man to impersonate Lucentio's father, Vincentio, and make the last part of their charade complete.

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Hortensio's quick and simple rejection of his beloved Bianca may strike us as curious, but his action contributes to Shakespeare's predominate themes of courtship and marriage. Hortensio is easily as fickle as any woman in his feelings for Bianca.

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Instead of gracefully removing himself from the love triangle, Hortensio removes himself with an unwarranted vengeance which, rest assured, will later earn him what he deserves. He is quick to curse Bianca, but the joke really is on him, as the audience is well aware.

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Hortensio's somewhat cryptic line "Would all the world but he had quite forsworn! He says, in essence, that he hopes everyone in the world will forsake Bianca except the poverty-stricken Cambio, leaving her with what she deserves — nothing. In reality, though, Cambio is far from poor and is, in fact, quite a good catch.