Manual The Journey That Matters: Lessons and Stories for Caregivers

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Some elders may be unable to feed themselves independently and may require help feeding themselves. This can be hard to understand. Our Comfort Keepers understand this and they make an extra effort to ensure that mealtime becomes more enjoyable for elders.

Choosing the Best In-Home Care Provider

They not only provide assistance by feeding elders, but also make sure the elder stays on the prescribed diet to control diabetes and a variety of other medical conditions. Our Comfort Keepers provide clients with an outlet to share their emotions and friendship. For instance, lending them an ear or have conversations with when they sit down for a meal. Shopping for groceries and creating a well-balanced meal can be tough for people as they get older.

Comfort Keepers are able to prepare and serve delicious, hot and nutritious meals based on the preferences of the client and their nutritional and prescription needs.

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Our Comfort Keepers are well-versed in multiple aspects of the provision of care, and laundry is just one of them. They will help seniors with their laundry, regardless of whether they are doing the laundry at their homes or at a laundry facility, and taking on the task of ironing, cleaning, drying and folding of clothes. At Comfort Keepers, we understand that our services are able to take up and complete most of the domestic tasks.

Seniors who want to keep themselves involved in these house chores are welcomed since it helps make them feel needed and useful. Common domestic housekeeping tasks that can be taken up include cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping of floors. Repeated and long distance mobility can be a problem for seniors.

For this, Comfort Keepers is able to help relieve them off this burden. Our care providers will shop for prescriptions and groceries and will perform other outdoor errands such as going to the post office, etc.. Clients are given the option of staying at home or accompanying the caregiver for them to stay engaged and active. They can also use the coupons and vouchers provided.

Our comfort Keepers allow seniors and elders to roam around freely, providing them with incidental transportation.

Ten Real-Life Strategies for Dementia Caregiving

They can use this facility to go shopping, attend functions, go for appointments, take up other activities, and go to the salon, the barbershop, or any other place of their choice. Having a senior out and about is good for their spirit, mind and body. Our Comfort Keepers are trained in providing care and comfort as well as reminding seniors to take medications. They can help clients stay on their prescribed medications by reminding them of their duties.

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They can read medicine labels, assist them with opening medication containers, tell them the exact dose, etc. We understand that certain elders may require care for a longer period of time than others. Our Comfort Keepers offer flexible care timings that can stretch from just a few hours a week to full time, in-home care which lasts 24 hours a day. To ensure quality performance, a team of caregivers coordinates with one another during the 24 hour care to share care giving responsibilities while clients enjoy peace of mind.

Trusted respite care allows family caregivers the chance to rest, relax and focus on other important matters, allowing them to recharge while another professional takes on their role for the time being. Not everyone is ready to outsource the caregiving of their elders to professionals. Some feel that caregiving within a family can be both a rewarding and bonding experience. However, even in the best of situations, family caregivers can reach a point of exhaustion when they are in need of a rest, especially if they have a job and kids to juggle each day.

An emotionally-drained caregiver does not have the same quality and level of commitment to the role, and that can affect the seniors. To step in for family caregivers when they feel tired, Comfort Keepers provides respite care at home. This is a temporary relief for family caregivers to give timely respite to the people giving their all to take care of their loved ones. Respite Care is referred to as a Short Break in some countries.

These are planned breaks afforded to families and other unpaid caregivers who are tasked with taking care of a senior round the year so that they can rest or enjoy time outside of the home. | A Virtual Conference to Help You Thrive as a Caregiver

This helps maintain a healthy relationship between the primary caregiver and the senior. With respite care, you can leave the house without having to worry about the one you care about, knowing well that they are safe and in good hands. This lets the primary caregiver have time to:. At Comfort Keepers, we recognize the need for respite services to be tailored to your specific needs. These services can be scheduled for as little as a few hours and may stretch to as much a time as you want.

Respite care is usually designed to act as a stop-gap solution to let you enjoy your life and attend other important activities as well as letting a professional take care of your elder.

Growing Together with Jann Arden: Letting Go

If you feel the need for respite care, contact us and we would be happy to help, provide additional information and even schedule a free in-home consultation. We have a team of dedicated caregivers who are well-versed in the ideas and skills of caregiving. We know that through Interactive Caregiving, we can contribute to a healthier, more purposeful and longer life for the seniors. A typical plan will have activities such as:. We at Comfort Keepers are able to provide the same personal care, homemaker services and companionship that helps seniors live a happy life like other in-home care providers do.

It is an emotionally and physically draining procedure and we are well-aware and understand the challenges which might be faced by family caregivers. We are experts at providing proper care to such patients and we can help ease your burden. Our personnel is specially trained and able to help with this.

Our care givers care for these people by helping them focus on their remaining strengths and abilities; they also help clients perform tasks which they require assistance in doing. Our Services are customized according to the needs of our clients. We are able to take into account the health and ability of clients when determining the home care we need to provide.

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  • For 24 hour shifts, a team of care givers will coordinate with one another to interchange care-giving responsibilities. Find out more about our in-home healthcare and how it can help patients enjoy a comfortable and better recovery. Once a person has been discharged from hospital, the road to recovery is only half complete. The time immediately after a hospital stay is critical to their health and recovery.

    Multiple studies in the past have shown that lack of proper care and support following serious hospitalization or surgery can lead to a readmission or slower-paced recovery. Typically, family members can volunteer to take care of their loved ones once they have been discharged from the hospital, but providing proper care can be arduous.

    These people are ill-prepared and untrained to meet the physical and emotional challenges presented by taking care of such people. This is why Comfort Keepers offers different services to ease their transition back to home. Transitioning from a hospital back to the home can be tricky. We at Comfort Keepers specialize in helping you make the transition smooth.

    Clarifying Your Mission in Midlife

    Some of the services we provide in this regard include:. In addition to our wide range of general care services for patients who have only recently been discharged from hospitals, we are also able to customize our services to fulfill the health care needs, services and medical needs of the client. Some of the special medical needs that we can help with are:. Let us take you through the recovery process so that you and your loved one emerge from the process healthier, happier and better. We let you and your loved one enjoy professional help and peace of mind.

    We are available to help anytime, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We are ready to provide comfortable end of life care and assistance for your loved one during a difficult time.

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    • To know that your loved one has a limited time to survive is nothing short of an unbearable torment. However, providing end of life care to someone who has a limited time left to live can be both physically exhausting and emotionally challenging. We will assist you in fulfilling the needs of the client as well as helping around the house, ensuring that you and the families cope with the situation well, both emotionally and morally, through our support.

      Our primary goal through end of life care is to provide comfort and care to your loved ones which will allow them to make the most of the time they spend together. We are there to help by offering to:. We are there to provide assistance and help to the families so that they can cope with the loss as well. Comfort Keepers are able to assist families with certain tasks, including moving belongings, organizing their personal items and in some cases, providing a shoulder to cry on if family members are in need of someone to talk to about their grief.