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What would you have done? Would you have caved in and lowered your fee? I admitted to myself that I didn't know exactly what the situation was. Fortunately, I had enough prospects and clients "in the pipeline" to justify the decision I made on what to do next. I decided that, if I lowered my fee, the client's perception of my services would almost certainly drop, but that if I held to the price I had offered, I would at least send a positive message and have some chance to do business with Susan's company in the future.

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When I called my contact back, I politely refused to play ball. My other clients will be upset if they find out that I gave you a discount. Susan said she understood and would get back to me. A week later, Susan informed me that they had selected my competitor. The job was mine. After the first seminar, I sat down with Susan and talked with her about the decision-making process.

If you were so concerned about the fee, why didn't you accept? Namely, nothing.

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The lesson is clear: If you present your price with confidence, and you are willing to walk away if necessary, the prospect will often conclude that you must be worth it. Like everything in sales, this approach will not work all the time. But it will work often enough -- if you are negotiating from a position of strength.

To do that, of course, you must make prospecting and new business development a part of your daily routine. The bottom line: Brodow's Law says, "Always be willing to walk away from a negotiation. For salespeople, this means that you must have enough prospects so that you can comfortably say the magic word: "Next! All rights reserved.

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If everyone defects, the project doesn't get done and we all fail - a bad outcome for everyone. If I defect but you cooperate, then I get to spend all day on the beach and still get a good grade - the best outcome for me, the worst for you. This exactly mirrors the Prisoner's Dilemma. Diplomacy - both the concept and the board game - involves Prisoners' Dilemmas.


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Suppose Ribbentrop of Germany and Molotov of Russia agree to a peace treaty that demilitarizes their mutual border. If both cooperate, they can move their forces to other theaters, and have moderate success there - a good enough outcome. If Russia cooperates but Germany defects, it can launch a surprise attack on an undefended Russian border and enjoy spectacular success there for a while, at least!

But if both defect, then neither has any advantage at the German-Russian border, and they lose the use of those troops in other theaters as well - a bad outcome for both. Again, the Prisoner's Dilemma. Civilization - again, both the concept and the game - involves Prisoners' Dilemmas.

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If everyone follows the rules and creates a stable society cooperates , we all do pretty well. If everyone else works hard and I turn barbarian and pillage you defect , then I get all of your stuff without having to work for it and you get nothing - the best solution for me, the worst for you.

If everyone becomes a barbarian, there's nothing to steal and we all lose out. Prisoner's Dilemma. If everyone who worries about global warming cooperates in cutting emissions, climate change is averted and everyone is moderately happy. If everyone else cooperates in cutting emissions, but one country defects, climate change is still mostly averted, and the defector is at a significant economic advantage.

If everyone defects and keeps polluting, the climate changes and everyone loses out. Again a Prisoner's Dilemma,. Prisoners' Dilemmas even come up in nature. The most successful males are those who can get a friend to help fight off the other monkeys, and who then helps that friend find his own monkey loving.

Doing History: A Biographer’s Dilemma: Can We Make Arguments Out of Lives?

But these monkeys are tempted to take their friend's female as well. Two males who cooperate each seduce one female. If one cooperates and the other defects, he has a good chance at both females.

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But if the two can't cooperate at all, then they will be beaten off by other monkey alliances and won't get to have sex with anyone. Still a Prisoner's Dilemma! So one might expect the real world to have produced some practical solutions to Prisoners' Dilemmas. You may have heard of it. Or, what amounts to the same, sellers project fear, and buyers reciprocally return the same — as humans are wont to do. And the result is just as sub-optimal. The solution lies in changing each of those assumptions. If you tell the players the game will be played 10 times, cooperative patterns begin to emerge.

If the players are given information about each other, they become less abstract to each other.

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If the information is personal, then the relationship changes tone as well. These two dimensions — time and relationship — are critical. But given time and relationships—the optimal solution emerges. The sales solution should look pretty obvious now. Suboptimal behavior is the result of short timeframes and shallow relationships. If that sounds familiar, just look at what sales topics are hot these days: sales automation, lead screening, CRM, social media lead generation, predictive analytics, search-based prospecting, multi-channel messaging.

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What all these subjects have in common is a view of selling that is a transactional and b impersonal. In other words, they have short timeframes and weak relationships—two things sure to hurt sales. Selling benefits from longer timeframes and better personal relationships.